just some sunshine.

Rays of Sunlight

Streams of Sunlight.

I gave a sigh filled with pure bliss as I felt the rays of sunlight fall upon my left cheek as I lay in the grass underneath the big old Oak in the front yard.  The sunlight began to peek through the translucent clouds on the warm fall morning and I felt a sizable grin break onto my face.  Soon after, the sunlight began to pour out of the clouds almost as if someone had captured it in a pitcher and had decided to tip it over.  If this indeed was the case, that pitcher was tipping in my favor.  My heart leaped and I felt a wave of happiness wash over me.

Sunlight offers up many positive feelings.  For me it offers up the feelings of happiness, peacefulness, and exhilaration.  When I say I “stay on the sunny side”, I am referring to the fact that I choose to stay on the side of life in which I may find true happiness.  For each person what brings them these feelings may be different.  That is fine. Generally I am a pretty easy person to please.  The simplest things make me happy; receiving a letter in the mail, a double scoop of Edy’s Orange Sherbert Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks, a run on warm summer day,  extra BBQ sauce with my french fries, a good morning text message, rays of sunlight, and the list goes on.

Happiness is a choice.  Each morning when we wake up, a conscious decision can be made of whether we will decide to be happy that day.  Yes, sometimes it may be hard due to extenuating circumstances, but too many times we tend to let others run our emotions.  We let them decide what mood we will be in that day and how we feel about ourselves.  But who are they to control our lives and our happiness? As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.  Yes, they may have made us feel anxiety or sadness at one point, but life is all about moving forward and focusing on what brings us joy.  Each moment spent upset or harboring angst towards another person is a moment we will never get back.  Cheesy?  Probably.  But it’s true.  Life is a gift.  Don’t dwell on the past but rather make the best of the present.  The people who make us feel like nothing are worth exactly that. So, love the people who make you happy and surround yourself with people who share in your happiness.

wake up happy,  go to bed happy and as always, smile.

radiate confidence.

laugh often and stay on the sunnyside,



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