to my rainbow

To the Rainbow. You know who you are…..
Since I was young I have always wanted to be just like you.  If you added an eraser to your collection, I did too.  If you wanted to play skip-it outside, so would I.  If mom French braided your hair, I would have mom braid mine too.  You must have thought I was your little shadow.
As we grew up, my admiration for you did not stop.  I will never forget that day after church when we headed down to the Trinity gymnasium to check out the Science fair results.  Not to my surprise you had taken first place; a little more honorable than my Participant ribbon.  Your athletic ability amazed me as well.  Every sport you played, I wanted to play as well.  Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Softball, etc.  Practicing volleyball in the driveway will always be one of my favorite past times.  Even though trying to pepper with me was quite the task you always seemed to never give up on me.
 Entering high school is a scary time for most, but not for me because there you were again. How cool did I feel because as a Freshman I knew all of the Junior and Seniors?  My coolness ranking was automatically at a 10… because of you.  Late night chats with you on my bed will never be forgotten.  Maybe I didn’t tell you this then but the nights I heard the garage door open and your footsteps come down towards my room, I would get excited butterflies in my stomach because I knew you were coming to talk to me.  You would come sit on the edge of my bed and we would talk for hours.  I miss those. Oh,  I will also take this time to thank you for all of the rides you gave me back and forth from anywhere and everywhere.  Most specifically the movie theater, so I did not have to be the loser picked up by mom at McDonalds after the movie was over.
 The day you left for college I cried. A lot.  My best friend had left me.  Days when we would argue over who got the car were done.  Days when you would wake me up in the middle of the night to go shower after you decided to sleepwalk into my room and wake me up were done. Even though you were only a phone call away, the nights where you would sit on the edge of my bed and tell me everything was going to be okay were gone.  People say you do not realize what you have until it leaves.  I guess I always knew I had a permanent best friend in you, but did not realize what our friendship meant until your first day of college came.  But your first day of college came and left.  Before I knew it I was looking at colleges.  It didn’t surprise anyone that the first few colleges I looked at were close to you.  University of Minnesota it was.
Three years have past and now I am a senior.  I could not have gotten through those years without you.  The day I found out you were offered a job with Target I cried.  Happy tears of course.  Not only was I so proud of you but I knew that this meant you wouldn’t leave me.  Throughout those three years we have become even closer.
You have taught me the value of hard work and dedication.
You have made me believe that I can make it on my own.
You have taught me that I can be dependent and independent simultaneously.
You have taught me that authenticity trumps all.
You have taught me to always say my prayers and thank God for how blessed I truly am.
Thank you for being a large part of the reason I am the confident woman I am today.
You are one of a kind.
 You are genuine.nurturing.motivated.driven.successful.caring.fearless.ambitious… the list could go on.  Sometimes I may not make it apparent but there is not a day that goes by when I don’t believe in you.
No matter what life brings you be strong because I know you are.
I love you Kiera.  To the moon and beyond.

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