to my sunshine

To the Sunshine… you know who you are…

There has been a person that God has placed in my life who helped me come to the realization that life does not give me set boundaries.  Life is no coloring book. What fun is there in staying within the lines?  From the day you would fearlessly jump into the Pacific Ocean and swim with fish that I didn’t even know existed, I knew you were going to be someone who would not let the world be your boss.  Rather you would literally be the definition of what Ghandi meant when he said, “ Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Since you started talking, after years of being bribed with marshmallows of course, I knew you were going to be one of the most intelligent people I would ever know.  You would rattle off what I liked to call 25cent words as if it were your job.  This made me realize that for the next however many years God decided to keep us on this Earth, I would learn something from you everyday.

You challenge me.  You make me want to go places I normally wouldn’t.  You make me want to see the good in everyone.  You make me want to experience growth outside of my comfort zone.  You make me think in ways I normally would choose not to.  Maybe you do not recognize the impact you have had on me and still continue to have, but it is immense.  You have helped me understand that the word “Scared” does not exist in Webster’s Dictionary.  You dare to dream, and the best thing about your dreams…. You make them happen.  I have never questioned your ability to take on a task because you firmly believe that God does not give us more than we can handle.  I don’t know if you believe this about yourself but please do. Even when the weight of the world may be on you, you never give up.  Somehow you know how to take what the world has granted you and run with it.

For years growing up I almost forgot I was your big sister because your maturity level surpassed that of mine.   Whether it was allowing me to have my husband during “house” be Enrique Iglasias even though I knew you wanted him to be yours, or not losing it with me when I hid your blankie, you were always the peacemaker.  I love you for that.

I want to take this moment to say thank you.  Thank you for continuing to make me want to strive to be the best.

I am proud that I get to call you my sister.
I love you forever and always Christiana.  Continue to be exactly who you are because people love you for exactly who you are.

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