squirrel and the biggest chocolate muffin. Ever.

I need to admit something to you.  I have a slight squirrel obsession.  Back in my homeland of Sheboygan the squirrels are kind of mean, but oh my goodness, Minnesotean squirrels are quite the opposite.  They are the friendliest little beasts ever.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Freshman year.  T-Hall.  A squirrel was sitting on a trash can eating/munching on a bag of  half eaten Supreme Doritos ( Personally I think he was probably wishing he could have had the Buffalo wing/Bleu Cheese Doritos instead but whatever , I supposed Doritos are Doritos to a hungry squirrel) Anywho, I walked past the squirrel and it did not even flinch but rather kind of stared at me.  Thinking this was weird, I walked backwards and stared back at the squirrel.  It still didn’t move.  I swear it smiled at me.  Not kidding.  From this day on my “like” of squirrels grew into an obsession.

Sometimes when it is nice out my sister Kiera and I go squirrel watching.  One of the best places to squirrel watch is in Loring Park.  Literally there are more squirrels running around there than flavors at Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop. ( That is 31 for all you non ice cream obsessed people out there).  Kiera and I go to Panera Bread before hand to get Bread bowls so after we finish eating our soup we can chuck the rest of the bread bowls at the squirrels.  They LOVE this.  The squirrels go buck wild diving after the bread, racing up the trees.  The daredevil squirrels come within about 2 feet of us to grab the scraps.  I wish I could reach out and give them a high five for being so brave.  Geez. What rockstars.  Anyway, I have some great vids of these little rascals playing tag but I will save that for another day.

Back to the Instagram picture above.  I am walking to class and I see this squirrel running around near the mall area on campus.  To some he may have looked lost, but to an avid squirrel watcher like myself, I knew he wasn’t just lost.  He was a scavenger.  He was starving.  All of a sudden he must have spotted this GIGANTIC chocolate muffin out of the corner of his tiny eye.  Squirrel, or we can just call him Peter, went bounding over to this muffin and literally began humping or hugging it like he had never seen a muffin this big before.  I mean it was quite a big muffin just to be left behind untouched.  Not only was it a whole muffin though, this squirrel cashed in big because it was chocolate.  IT WAS PETER’S LUCKY DAY.  Okay, well at this point I knew I needed to Instagram this because A.  I love squirrels and B. How often do you see a squirrel eating a HUGE CHOCOLATE MUFFIN. Oh and I failed to mention this wasn’t just any jumbo chocolate muffin.  This was an OTIS SPUNKERMEYER muffin.

Alright well enough about squirrels.  This may have been the weirdest post ever but we all know you laughed.  Which was the point.

Well laugh often and as always stay on the sunnyside.



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