So today I was super excited when I woke up.  COREPOWER YOGA HAD A GROUPON. Of course I had to buy one because nothing feels better than sweating like a dog in a yoga sculpt class. #bestclassever.  Two of my best friends and I got them and are already planning on going at 6:30am on Wednesday.  I could not be looking more forward to it.  I love waking up early especially when it means getting my butt kicked by a good workout.  Best way to start the day.  Anyway I am in two classes that emphasize the importance of mindfulness.  When mindfulness is mentioned so is yoga of course.  Lately because of this, I have been working a lot on becoming more mindful.  A while back I published a post on mindfulness which I want to share again.  I asked myself what I think it means to be mindful.

Sometimes I take the word mindfulness too literally and focus on my mind being full of thoughts all focusing on the future and what it has in store for me.  It is easy to get lost in thoughts of where I will be in five years.  But why?  Why do we always need to put so much of an emphasis on the future when we have plenty to offer the world in the present moment?  Don’t get me wrong, it is important to think about the future.

The only way to create the best future though is by making the best of the present. By making the best of the present though, it is also important to take a look at what is currently happening in our life.  Are the people in it building us up?   Are they adding value to our lives?  When you do think about the future, focus on the possibilities, not the problems.  Be positive.  Focus on the people who bring out that positivity in us.  Many times this is easier said than done.  I get it.  It is easy to be really excited about something but due to past disappointments,  we become scared of what is going to happen.  No one wants to be let down or hurt.  As hard as it is, try to just enjoy what is happening now.  Don’t be scared.  Be bold.  Be fearless.

Our lives unfold in moments.  If we spend too much time focusing on the future, we will not allow ourselves to be present for the moments that create and add value in our lives.  Beginning to pay attention to the present moment will foster a greater awareness and give us clarity of the life that lay ahead of us.  If we are not fully present for the moments, we may miss out on some of the most cherished experiences such as building relationships with people you love now or will someday come to love, or feeling the cool, crisp fall breeze whip through your hair, or watching the sun melt down into the clouds. Life is truly beautiful.  Be mindful of that.

Well as always laugh often and stay on the sunnyside,



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