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Well the sun is shining and its 50 degrees outside.  It would be safe to make the assumption that today is going to be a GREAT one.  Not only did my good ol Sperrys awake from the dead today but I also will probably make it home in time to see Ellen Degeneres. What more could a girl ask for?  Well I mean… maybe a few things but for now I am completely fine with feeling the warmth of the sun, getting to wear my Sperrys, and being able to watch Ellen.

This brings me to the topic of laughter.  I love to laugh.  I can honestly say that it is some of the best medicine that can be taken when life may not be treating you as you wish. Oh and the best thing about this medicine is it doesn’t cost even a penny  For some it takes a lot to make them laugh.  Me.. does not take much at all.  I think almost anything is funny.  Yes, I do laugh at my own jokes.  Probably because they are funnier than anyone else’s (besides Ellen’s) but we wont go there.

Some people say that the best type of laughter is that kind when you fall off the couch and roll around on the ground with tears streaming down your face, holding your side because you now have a giant sideache from laughing so hard.  I mean, yeah, I love to laugh and this has happened to me manya times but owwww.  I would rather not be in pain when I laugh.  To me the best type of laughter is the kind when you will be sitting quietly on the couch eating popcorn or something and randomly burst into spurts of laughter that continue to get louder and longer each time you laugh because of something stupid you just saw on Pinterest or just because you are reminiscing on something funny that happened earlier that day( like something on Ellen).  Now, not only do you have everyone in the room awkwardly staring at you, but in the process you probably made them laugh too.  Which is one of my goals.  I love making people laugh.

So I know it’s hard to laugh sometimes because life definitely is not perfect and horrible things do happen, but life really gets bad if we let it continue to be that way. Hey, I am all for letting myself be sad for a little while because crying can be healing too. Butttt we do get the opportunity to make the best of situations if we want to. I have come to the conclusion that focusing time on people who have the ability to make me laugh, make me smile, build me up, and make me feel like the confident person I know I am, bring me positive energy making my life absolutely wonderful.  For it is most times when we are sad it is those type of people who I mentioned above that we go to to make us laugh. 🙂

Life just gets so much better when people learn to take it a little less seriously and begin to smile and laugh more.  Take everything in life and try to add a bit of humor to it.  I promise you will not disappoint yourself.

Well as always,

laugh often and stay on the sunnyside.