Prayer and Perseverance


The end or the beginning?  That is what I continue to ponder as I sit here reminiscing on the past four years of my college career.  Is this for real?  Honestly, to me it feels like it occurred in the blink of an eye. I walked onto this campus and met what grew to be one of my very best friends, Inge, brushing her teeth in the hallway.  I remember thinking to myself, Oh, I really hope she has time to put down her toothbrush and ask me to grab lunch at the dining hall.  Actually that was the thought that occurred after I wondered why in the heck she was brushing her teeth walking down the hallway…Anyway, that wish as well as many others came true that day.  Over the course of my four years here at the University my life has changed.

If I told you it was all for the better, I would be lying.  Some parts of the four-year journey were a lot tougher than others.  I learned a lot about myself.  I am not talking about the simple things.  (After all I have always known I love sauce and Ellen Degeneres.) Rather I’m talking about things that some of my very best friends had to allow me to begin to recognize about myself.  I truly believe that the people we surround ourselves with make us better people.  This is why it is important to surround yourself with people who value you almost, if not just as much, as you value yourself.  College has given me the opportunity to find some of my best friends.  Friends that don’t just want to grab a drink with me on the weekends but rather help me make decisions that will change my  life…..for the better of course. 

I have begun to realize that perseverance and prayer are two of the most important things I have come to hold on to.  Perseverance is a word that although may be intimidating, holds much value in our lives.  The way people accomplish the simplest tasks or the greatest feats are through the strength to persevere.  During my lifetime I have come to utilize this concept of perseverance.  The only thing that makes a person who perseveres stronger is the prayer they offer up with it.

Sometimes I get paralyzed by my fear of perseverance because the situation at hand seems “just too hard” therefore disenabling that perseverance I am striving for.  Situations can be hard to control.  When people  feel like they lack control they begin to lack perseverance.  The reason people lack control is they do not understand that what they need to control the issue, comes from within themselves. When we feel like we cannot control something we need to dig deep within ourselves and pray, for God can and will control it.   Although the end result may not be something we originally had wanted God will work for the good of those who love Him.

One of my favorite authors, Margaret Wheatley says, “work with what we have in order to do work we know we must do”.  We all have our own crosses to bear.  We may not be ready to accept these “crosses” without a little push from those closest to us to get going and make the change that could forever change us.. for the better of course.

For with prayer can come perseverance.


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