mint green please.

Hudson jeans
$165 –

J Crew button shirt
$78 –

TOMS black shoes
£40 –

Cole Haan leather handbag
$368 –

With Spring in full swing and Summer on its way my wardrobe has suddenly gotten a lot more fun. There is something about spring and summer clothing that really gets me excited. Maybe it is the fact that I can walk outside in my bright yellow peacoat instead of a down Northface jacket. Anyway I decided to revamp the blog a little bit and make you beauts aware of my ‘passion for fashion’. Lately I have been a bit of a shopaholic. Oops.  But let’s be serious, who cannot be with all of these amazing trends out? I am not one to want to follow a lot of trends but lately, wowzas. Colored pants. Definitely one I am OBSESSED with. As a matter of fact I am so obsessed I will probably continue to wear them after the trend has come and gone.
One thing about trends is that since they may not stay in long you want to be sure to buy these items at a good price. Duh, right? Although the above outfit may seem a bit spendy sometimes it is nice to have a few staple items even though they may cost a bit more. I do admit the mint green jeans can be found elsewhere for a more budget friendly price but these Hudson’s were just so cute. The butt pockets get me every time.

Let’s go over each item:

The Cole Haan bag- Yes, I may suggest to request this as a gift (haha).  Possibly for graduation or wait for it to go on sale seeing as it is a bit spendy.  One great thing about this handbag is not only the color( it goes with everything) but the fact that it can be used as a crossbody or thrown over your shoulder as well.  Plus the style is timeless not to mention the quality of the bag will allow it to last forever.

The Toms:  These are great shoes.  Not only are the comfortable, classy, and cute but every time you buy a pair, another pair is given to a child in need.  These come in a variety of colors but I think the floral ones are an awesome pattern for summer.

The J.Crew. Chambray Shirt:  My special friend got me one of these for Christmas and I LOVE it.  You can pair it with everything from mint green jeans shown above to a pair of cute patterned shorts.  I have an adorable pair of shorts from J.Crew called the ‘Mini Delicious Apple Short that I wear the shirt with.  These are also from the special friend, not to toot his horn but he has an awesome sense of style.  Investing in a shirt such as this one will not leave you with any regrets.

Mint green jeans:  These can be bought anywhere from J.Crew, Hudson, or Aerie.  I have a pair from Aerie I scored for $30!

Well friends, this is the first of many fashion posts you will begin to see. Oh, and no worries next time I will stick to a budget.



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