Turquoise and Black

Turquoise and Black

$50 – target.com

$20 – target.com

Yellow gold jewelry
$15 – target.com

Gemstone bangle
$11 – windsorstore.com

Lately I have been on the hunt for the perfect black maxi dress.  Long dresses never really tickled my fancy but after seeing them on a few of my friends and in many fashion magazines I thought I would try one as well.  I shopped around online and went to the mall a few times but couldn’t seem to find the one that fit the picture I had in my mind.  I found a few classy Maxi’s but none that were in my price range.

 On my weekly trip to Target, as my best friend Megan and I were browsing through the women’s clothes( our first stop when we enter Target.  I swear Target puts women’s clothing in the front of the store on purpose) I happened to stumble upon the black maxi dress shown above.  I fell in love right away.  Not only did it have thicker straps at the top but the concept of color blocking came through as well at the bottom of the dress.  Best thing about this dress was it was on price cut for $25!!!!  I knew this dress was telling me to take it home.  But of course a girl cannot buy a dress without having the accessories.  So of course I wandered over to check out the sandals and jewelry. I found a great pair of sandals and turquoise earrings to top off this look.  Total: $65.99  I k now its a little above the $50 price range I was attempting to keep it under but a few of these items can be switched in and out for less expensive versions.  I tried to keep this look all from Target so it’s easy to recreate!  The bracelets are from Windsor.com.  If you decided to leave those out the price would drop to $54.99.  This would make the look completely from Target AND closer to my $50 goal.

Black Maxi Dress:  I love that this dress is cotton making it extremely comfortable and great to wear on a cool or warm summer day.  The color blocking with khaki on the bottom brings in another trend happening right now.  This dress was originally $50 but if you hit up your local Target right now its on sale for $25!  Such a steal!

Turquoise earrings and bracelets:  The earrings are from Target. I love the fact that they are drop earrings because it makes the dress a bit more ‘dressy’.  Depending on the look you are going for turquoise post earrings would also be great.  The bracelets tie in the turquoise to the outfit again and add just another accessory.  Cannot ever have enough of those!

Black sandals:  These braided black flats are insanely comfortable.  They are also on sale at Target right now for $15.  Best thing about black sandals is you can wear them with so many different outfits making them worth the buy.

I am loving the classy yet sultry vibe this look brings forth.  I hope you all do too!

Well as always laugh often and stay on the sunnyside,



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