H M lace dress

High heels
$33 –

Longchamp tote
$125 –

J Crew beaded necklace
$24.50 –

J Crew enamel bangle
$20 –

A few days ago I walked into H&M at the mall because I had a bit of time to spare the

day before graduation.  Probably a bad idea because H&M had many classy dresses at

extremely low prices.  Needless to say I was in shoppers heaven.  It took me only a few minutes

before I found this pink lace dress as well as another mint green retro looking dress.  Lately

I have really come to love mint green and light pink together.  The two pastel colors compliment

each other well.  Anyway, I had another dress picked out for graduation but once I saw this pink one

I decided I would have to return my other one.  This one was perfect. At $29, my closet had to have

it.  I already had nude heels and jewelry so the outfit was basically complete.  The addition of

the khaki Longchamp bag came from my special friend’s parents.  An awesome gift idea.  Believe it or not

this was the first purse I have owned.  Usually I am more of a wristlet girl but due to me continuously

leaving it behind at stores, restaurants, etc, J decided it might be time for me to get a purse.

Well I hope you enjoy the outfit combo and it has encouraged you to go out and get it yourself!

Well as always, laugh often and stay on the sunnyside.


The complete outfit. A few of the pieces have been modified.


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