Dorothy Perkins yellow pumps
$22 –

ALDO leather handbag
$65 –

Woven scarve
$16 –


Work it Out.

Work it Out.

Nike tee
$12 –

Nike activewear
$16 –

NIKE lightweight shoes
$100 –

Hair accessory
Working out no longer is a chore when you have cute yet comfortable apparel to work out in.  It is actually a proven fact that people are more motivated to hit the gym when they know they have something cute to put on.  I could not agree more.  As many of you know I have a slight obsession with Nike.  Oh and not to mention anything involving bright colors.  Over the past 9 months I have accumulated quite the load of Nike Frees and just about anything else they make thanks a certain someone.  Nike Frees  are not only the most comfortable shoes but they are quite stylish as well.  I LOVE them.  If you are feeling in a workout slump I encourage you to get out and buy yourself a cute new workout outfit.  And yes, it can be done without breaking the bank.  Here are a few websites that you can buy workout clothes at without depleting your life savings. 😉
Those are jut a few sites.  If you look around there are a plethora of websites that offer apparel at discounted prices.
Nike Frees:  THE most comfortable shoes ever.  I have this exact color, a lime green.  It is crazy how people begin to stare at your feet when you start wearing bright colored shoes.  Although these are $100, great running shoes are worth the investment because you wear them just about everyday.
Nike Top:  Pretty basic but breathable.  It comes in a bunch of different colors.  I picked it out because its a GREAT color and pretty inexpensive.
Nike Spandex:  Yes, these may be a bit bright for spandex but they come in many colors as well.  I own a pair in black and think they are wonderful.  You might be seeing a theme with the apparel I have chosen.  It is all my favorite color: Coral.  Very popular color this season.
Lulu Lemon Headband:  These are awesome headbands.  Usually I find some headbands slip out of my hair but this one is only $12 and literally never falls out.  It has grip strips inside the band which makes it a ‘no slip grip’.  The thickness varies and the color assortment is never ending.  Lately they have been coming out with some pretty fun patterns as well.
Now go shopping and treat yourself to a cute outfit. You deserve it. Oh and don’t forget to follow up your trip to the mall with some ice cream.  It is 49 cent cone season at McDonalds!  WOOO-HOOO!
Well as always laugh often and stay on the sunnyside,

Turquoise and Black

Turquoise and Black

$50 –

$20 –

Yellow gold jewelry
$15 –

Gemstone bangle
$11 –

Lately I have been on the hunt for the perfect black maxi dress.  Long dresses never really tickled my fancy but after seeing them on a few of my friends and in many fashion magazines I thought I would try one as well.  I shopped around online and went to the mall a few times but couldn’t seem to find the one that fit the picture I had in my mind.  I found a few classy Maxi’s but none that were in my price range.

 On my weekly trip to Target, as my best friend Megan and I were browsing through the women’s clothes( our first stop when we enter Target.  I swear Target puts women’s clothing in the front of the store on purpose) I happened to stumble upon the black maxi dress shown above.  I fell in love right away.  Not only did it have thicker straps at the top but the concept of color blocking came through as well at the bottom of the dress.  Best thing about this dress was it was on price cut for $25!!!!  I knew this dress was telling me to take it home.  But of course a girl cannot buy a dress without having the accessories.  So of course I wandered over to check out the sandals and jewelry. I found a great pair of sandals and turquoise earrings to top off this look.  Total: $65.99  I k now its a little above the $50 price range I was attempting to keep it under but a few of these items can be switched in and out for less expensive versions.  I tried to keep this look all from Target so it’s easy to recreate!  The bracelets are from  If you decided to leave those out the price would drop to $54.99.  This would make the look completely from Target AND closer to my $50 goal.

Black Maxi Dress:  I love that this dress is cotton making it extremely comfortable and great to wear on a cool or warm summer day.  The color blocking with khaki on the bottom brings in another trend happening right now.  This dress was originally $50 but if you hit up your local Target right now its on sale for $25!  Such a steal!

Turquoise earrings and bracelets:  The earrings are from Target. I love the fact that they are drop earrings because it makes the dress a bit more ‘dressy’.  Depending on the look you are going for turquoise post earrings would also be great.  The bracelets tie in the turquoise to the outfit again and add just another accessory.  Cannot ever have enough of those!

Black sandals:  These braided black flats are insanely comfortable.  They are also on sale at Target right now for $15.  Best thing about black sandals is you can wear them with so many different outfits making them worth the buy.

I am loving the classy yet sultry vibe this look brings forth.  I hope you all do too!

Well as always laugh often and stay on the sunnyside,


mint green please.

Hudson jeans
$165 –

J Crew button shirt
$78 –

TOMS black shoes
£40 –

Cole Haan leather handbag
$368 –

With Spring in full swing and Summer on its way my wardrobe has suddenly gotten a lot more fun. There is something about spring and summer clothing that really gets me excited. Maybe it is the fact that I can walk outside in my bright yellow peacoat instead of a down Northface jacket. Anyway I decided to revamp the blog a little bit and make you beauts aware of my ‘passion for fashion’. Lately I have been a bit of a shopaholic. Oops.  But let’s be serious, who cannot be with all of these amazing trends out? I am not one to want to follow a lot of trends but lately, wowzas. Colored pants. Definitely one I am OBSESSED with. As a matter of fact I am so obsessed I will probably continue to wear them after the trend has come and gone.
One thing about trends is that since they may not stay in long you want to be sure to buy these items at a good price. Duh, right? Although the above outfit may seem a bit spendy sometimes it is nice to have a few staple items even though they may cost a bit more. I do admit the mint green jeans can be found elsewhere for a more budget friendly price but these Hudson’s were just so cute. The butt pockets get me every time.

Let’s go over each item:

The Cole Haan bag- Yes, I may suggest to request this as a gift (haha).  Possibly for graduation or wait for it to go on sale seeing as it is a bit spendy.  One great thing about this handbag is not only the color( it goes with everything) but the fact that it can be used as a crossbody or thrown over your shoulder as well.  Plus the style is timeless not to mention the quality of the bag will allow it to last forever.

The Toms:  These are great shoes.  Not only are the comfortable, classy, and cute but every time you buy a pair, another pair is given to a child in need.  These come in a variety of colors but I think the floral ones are an awesome pattern for summer.

The J.Crew. Chambray Shirt:  My special friend got me one of these for Christmas and I LOVE it.  You can pair it with everything from mint green jeans shown above to a pair of cute patterned shorts.  I have an adorable pair of shorts from J.Crew called the ‘Mini Delicious Apple Short that I wear the shirt with.  These are also from the special friend, not to toot his horn but he has an awesome sense of style.  Investing in a shirt such as this one will not leave you with any regrets.

Mint green jeans:  These can be bought anywhere from J.Crew, Hudson, or Aerie.  I have a pair from Aerie I scored for $30!

Well friends, this is the first of many fashion posts you will begin to see. Oh, and no worries next time I will stick to a budget.


Prayer and Perseverance


The end or the beginning?  That is what I continue to ponder as I sit here reminiscing on the past four years of my college career.  Is this for real?  Honestly, to me it feels like it occurred in the blink of an eye. I walked onto this campus and met what grew to be one of my very best friends, Inge, brushing her teeth in the hallway.  I remember thinking to myself, Oh, I really hope she has time to put down her toothbrush and ask me to grab lunch at the dining hall.  Actually that was the thought that occurred after I wondered why in the heck she was brushing her teeth walking down the hallway…Anyway, that wish as well as many others came true that day.  Over the course of my four years here at the University my life has changed.

If I told you it was all for the better, I would be lying.  Some parts of the four-year journey were a lot tougher than others.  I learned a lot about myself.  I am not talking about the simple things.  (After all I have always known I love sauce and Ellen Degeneres.) Rather I’m talking about things that some of my very best friends had to allow me to begin to recognize about myself.  I truly believe that the people we surround ourselves with make us better people.  This is why it is important to surround yourself with people who value you almost, if not just as much, as you value yourself.  College has given me the opportunity to find some of my best friends.  Friends that don’t just want to grab a drink with me on the weekends but rather help me make decisions that will change my  life…..for the better of course. 

I have begun to realize that perseverance and prayer are two of the most important things I have come to hold on to.  Perseverance is a word that although may be intimidating, holds much value in our lives.  The way people accomplish the simplest tasks or the greatest feats are through the strength to persevere.  During my lifetime I have come to utilize this concept of perseverance.  The only thing that makes a person who perseveres stronger is the prayer they offer up with it.

Sometimes I get paralyzed by my fear of perseverance because the situation at hand seems “just too hard” therefore disenabling that perseverance I am striving for.  Situations can be hard to control.  When people  feel like they lack control they begin to lack perseverance.  The reason people lack control is they do not understand that what they need to control the issue, comes from within themselves. When we feel like we cannot control something we need to dig deep within ourselves and pray, for God can and will control it.   Although the end result may not be something we originally had wanted God will work for the good of those who love Him.

One of my favorite authors, Margaret Wheatley says, “work with what we have in order to do work we know we must do”.  We all have our own crosses to bear.  We may not be ready to accept these “crosses” without a little push from those closest to us to get going and make the change that could forever change us.. for the better of course.

For with prayer can come perseverance.

A little PPP…


I would have to say this semester I have spent more time searching for recipes on Pinterest and Food Blogs than doing homework.  Maybe that’s because I graduate in two weeks and the senior slide has kicked in fully.  Woooeee.  Anyway last night I was craving popcorn in the worst way.  There is something about popcorn that makes my heart beat a little faster.  Oh, and here’s the thing.  Popcorn isn’t even just popcorn anymore because ever since I discovered these seasonings at Target, it has now become a food group.  You guys are not going to believe the seasonings you are able to dump on popcorn these days.  They range from Buffalo Chicken, Salt and Vinegar, Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Toast, etc.  It’s almost like you could eat popcorn for every meal of the day with all of those seasonings.. Okay, well getting back to the point of recipes.  I was searching online and found this recipe for Chocolate drizzle popcorn.  Basically any time I try to recreate a recipe online I end up turning it into something else. So, yes I made the recipe.  Popped popcorn( on the stove of course), laid it on a cooking sheet, sprinkled mint M&M’s on it and then drizzled melted chocolate over it.  Oh and then sprinkled course sea salt over the top. YUM IN THE TUM.  Well after picking at it for a while I decided it would be an even better idea to pour it all in a HUGE plastic ziploc bag and pour powdered sugar in the bag. Shake Shake Shake. And yes, I just created popcorn puppy chow, hence the title PPP.  

HOW COOL RIGHT?  I bet NO ONE has ever thought of that or made it before.  Haaaaa, riiiight.  After I made it I typed it into google and about google plus and one receipes popped up.  Sweet.  Well I don’t care.  I like to think that it is a Lizzie original because I didn’t know anyone had created the recipe before until after I typed it in to google, so basically I created it.  Riiiggghhttt????

Well anyway, I have to go eat 1/4 for breakfast now because I only ate about 3/4 of it last night.  My stomach never felt better.

Laugh often and stay on the sunnyside…




Well the sun is shining and its 50 degrees outside.  It would be safe to make the assumption that today is going to be a GREAT one.  Not only did my good ol Sperrys awake from the dead today but I also will probably make it home in time to see Ellen Degeneres. What more could a girl ask for?  Well I mean… maybe a few things but for now I am completely fine with feeling the warmth of the sun, getting to wear my Sperrys, and being able to watch Ellen.

This brings me to the topic of laughter.  I love to laugh.  I can honestly say that it is some of the best medicine that can be taken when life may not be treating you as you wish. Oh and the best thing about this medicine is it doesn’t cost even a penny  For some it takes a lot to make them laugh.  Me.. does not take much at all.  I think almost anything is funny.  Yes, I do laugh at my own jokes.  Probably because they are funnier than anyone else’s (besides Ellen’s) but we wont go there.

Some people say that the best type of laughter is that kind when you fall off the couch and roll around on the ground with tears streaming down your face, holding your side because you now have a giant sideache from laughing so hard.  I mean, yeah, I love to laugh and this has happened to me manya times but owwww.  I would rather not be in pain when I laugh.  To me the best type of laughter is the kind when you will be sitting quietly on the couch eating popcorn or something and randomly burst into spurts of laughter that continue to get louder and longer each time you laugh because of something stupid you just saw on Pinterest or just because you are reminiscing on something funny that happened earlier that day( like something on Ellen).  Now, not only do you have everyone in the room awkwardly staring at you, but in the process you probably made them laugh too.  Which is one of my goals.  I love making people laugh.

So I know it’s hard to laugh sometimes because life definitely is not perfect and horrible things do happen, but life really gets bad if we let it continue to be that way. Hey, I am all for letting myself be sad for a little while because crying can be healing too. Butttt we do get the opportunity to make the best of situations if we want to. I have come to the conclusion that focusing time on people who have the ability to make me laugh, make me smile, build me up, and make me feel like the confident person I know I am, bring me positive energy making my life absolutely wonderful.  For it is most times when we are sad it is those type of people who I mentioned above that we go to to make us laugh. 🙂

Life just gets so much better when people learn to take it a little less seriously and begin to smile and laugh more.  Take everything in life and try to add a bit of humor to it.  I promise you will not disappoint yourself.

Well as always,

laugh often and stay on the sunnyside.